Stay in a French chateau : domaine de Bort

Do you want to experience life in a castle? I recommend a language stay in the French chateau, domaine de Bort. Five days (or more) to perfect your French in an idyllic setting, that is rich in history. 

Let’s discover this French chateau in Limousin !

The history of domaine de Bort

Nestled in the heart of an important forest, Domaine de Bort is characterised by its castle and its landscaped park that spreads over a hundred hectares. 

This magnificent estate is located in the Limousin village of Saint-Priest-Taurion near Limoges. The estate includes the main castle, outhouses and a park designed by its owner in the mid-19th century. In this park, there are numerous ponds, trees including hundred-year-old Douglas firs, as well as multiple varieties of flowers (azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, etc.). 

It is difficult to trace the exact origins of the Bort estate, but it is estimated that it dates back to at least the 15th century. Pierre-Edmond Teisserenc de Bort was responsible for the expansion and modernization of the castle in the mid-19th century. 

In 1848 the owner carried out extensive work for about ten years. Afterwards, Pierre-Edmond Teisserenc de Bort enlarged the park by acquiring all the surrounding estates. A former minister, he made it a matter of honor to modernise agriculture. He created a model farm on the property and planted new trees, including the first Douglas fir trees introduced in France. 

His descendants have continued his legacy by maintaining the park and experimenting with new crops.   

Today, the estate is managed by Romain and Maëlis de Sèze, the 8th generation of entrepreneurs of this estate. They offer visits and stays in this French chateau, including Language stay in partnership with Your Online French Teacher

Domaine de Bort

The legacy of domaine de Bort

The history of domaine de Bort is above all the story of a family. Following the improvements made by Pierre-Edmond Teisserenc de Bort, his great-grandson Edmond de Sèze was the first member to make it his permanent residence. For this reason, he undertook new renovation work. 

His descendants have continued what Pierre-Edmond Teisserenc de Bort had started. In 1955, they restored the wooded parts of the Bort estate that had been damaged during the war. They started breeding cattle and sheep, before moving on to other projects at the end of the 1980s. They made the park of Bort a field of experimentation for all kinds of forest species and silvicultural practices. 

Romain and Maëlis de Sèze, the descendants and current owners of the Limousin castle, share the history and beauty of the Bort estate by welcoming visitors. They offer tours of the castle’s reception halls and the park during European Heritage Days. During the year, they rent rooms in the castle for company seminars, and welcome people who wish to stay there. Several cottages and rooms house tourists who come to visit the estate and the region. 

The couple offers guests several activities such as swimming, canoeing, horseback riding, golf and fishing. 

These commercial endeavours help maintain the estate. 

Language stay in a French chateau

Do you want to visit domaine de Bort ? There is some good news!

I offer a language stay of 5 days (or more) to perfect your French while enjoying castle life! 

I love Limousin and know the region profoundly as my husband is a native. During your language stay, I will arrange several visits and workshops in the region to help discover the culture! The itinerary will include French classes, gastronomic discoveries and visits to important sites. You can look forward to walks around the typical towns and villages with ample pause to soak up the essence of Limousin.

Domaine de Bort is a must-visit site in Limousin!

Your stay at domaine de Bort, will make for an interesting language program in Limousin! 

Discover the historical rooms of the castle, visit the educational farm and enjoy walking around the estate! The choice of accommodation is between guest rooms in the castle that are perfectly restored and full of history, and cottages located in the courtyard. The cottages offer a view of the castle that inspires a good morning.

Cottages – domaine de Bort

The schedule for your language stay in this French chateau of Limousin is personalised. You can choose the visits and workshops that interest you. The French courses are adapted to your level.

We have activities such as yoga, fishing or swimming planned for your companions who do not wish to participate in the French classes. 

Please contact me for further information about your stay in domaine de Bort

This was my presentation of a beautiful French chateau and my language stay program.

If you want to read this article in French, check it out here: Séjour dans un château Limousin : le domaine de Bort

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