Your Online French Teacher

Your Online French Teacher (Elodie) provides online video conference French classes and immersive stays in France. She is a native French teacher and pedagogical engineer in language didactic. Elodie delivers high quality teaching to motivated learners of all ages, around the world.

The clients

The classes are directed towards interested students who want to learn or improve their French. People who are looking for a highly skillful, trained teacher. People who want to have fun while learning! Is that you?

Elodie caters to all levels of French learners and helps hone their skill. Her students have varied backgrounds and she has worked with children, ivy league students, CEOs, doctors & managers. She follows teaching methods specific to students’ goals.

About Elodie – Your Online French Teacher

French as a foreign language (FLE) teacher since 2009, Elodie started the Your Online French Teacher platform.

Elodie holds a master’s degree in pedagogical engineering (specialization in language didactics) from Grenoble university, a valued university for French professors. She is an expert in DELF and DALF exams. You can read her resume here.

She is a French native, born and raised in Normandy. After her studies, she moved to South America where she had to adapt to the culture and the language. She understands your struggles and fears as a foreign language student!

Back to Europe in 2007, she settled near Barcelona (Spain) and started her teaching career. She returned to the French countryside in 2021, with the intention of giving her daughters the best childhood possible.

Owing to her expat experience, she also helps French expatriate children maintain their French skills. She founded Parlamamie© which provides weekly group lessons online to children.

Elodie is a versatile , seasoned educator. With her experience in classroom teaching and her current online platform, she interacts with a diverse group of people.

With her educational background, versatility and extensive teaching experience, Elodie designs a teaching methodology that is suitable to your profile.

Choose Your Online French Teacher and learn French while having fun!

A unique approach to help you progress

To identify the teaching methodology that fits YOUR profile and helps you progress and to design a plan with clear learning goals and progression, Elodie will ask you the following questions.

  • What are your goals? It could be official exams DELF / DALF / TCF / AP, business French, tourism etc.
  • How much time can you dedicate to study French?
  • Which study/ reference material works for you? (Elodie uses DELF / DALF material (books from level A1 to C1, games, real life examples, french literature, own publication etc). Tailor-made teaching plan allows for learning material that is engaging to the student. Elodie enjoys infusing games and fun in the training).

Would you like Elodie to be Your Online French Teacher?