TV / Cinema

Business French for various fields

Objective of the business French courses

Professional French courses are personalised sessions to gain relevant language skills as a professional. You can choose French for corporate, medical French or French for TV and cinema.

Classes are held on ZOOM and can be for an individual or for groups. In the case of individual sessions, it will be tailor-made to fit your requirement. For the group sessions, Elodie will cater to a specific goal decided prior to the sessions.

Here are some examples of business French courses taught by Elodie, Your Online French Teacher.

  • French for TV and cinema: prepare an interview in French, review standard French before shooting a movie or a serie , and more. Elodie works with VIPs often. Respect of private life and discretion is very important to her.
  • Corporate French: prepare for a business meeting, improve your French for a job interview, work on your CV, upgrade your French as an engineer, prepare your thesis in French or a French presentation
  • Medical French: prepare for an interview for the “Ordre des médecins“, improve your medical French as a nurse, doctor or surgeon.

Elodie has experience and expertise in the following areas :

  • French for winery and enotourism
  • French for engineers

Whatever your field is, Elodie will guide you to improve your skills in French and help you feel confident.

Material for the business French courses

To recreate real life situations, Elodie will recommend different learning material. Different materials are referred to during and after the classes. Each class is followed by detailed class notes (.doc or .pdf). This document contain all the topics covered in the class and will allow you to review at your own pace between classes or after the completion of the course.

Online tools are helpful for grammar practice. Relevant homework is assigned and completing them guarantees confidence.

Elodie is available for communication through WhatsApp and email. So, you can freely clarify your doubts.

Duration of the course depends on your goals.

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