DELF A1 – A2

DELF B1 – B2

DALF C1 – C2

DELF / DALF preparation course to ace the exam!

Objectives of the DELF / DALF preparation course

DELF / DALF preparation course is a short term course to prepare you for a specific French exam from DELF A1 to DALF C2. Classes are held on ZOOM, they can be for individuals or groups. The sessions will be tailor-made to your needs. Elodie (Your Online French Teacher) will explain the exam pattern, help you through the topics of the DELF or DALF exam and advise you based on your work. The time to be dedicated to your preparation will vary depending on your level and goals.

During the DELF / DALF preparation course, you will be taught the following

  • Topics, grammar and vocabulary expected for the level
  • The typical themes for the particular exam
  • Structure of the writing exercise
  • Developing arguments and defending your opinions
  • Fluency and spontaneity in common conversations
  • To review and assess your own work

Elodie provides a lot of relevant assignments, detailed corrections of your work and mock exams.

Material for the DELF/ DALF course

To simulate the conditions and themes of the exam, Elodie will use differents books and methodologies. Different materials are referred to during and after the classes. Each class is followed by detailed class notes (.doc or .pdf). This document contain all the topics covered in the class and will allow you to review at your own pace between classes or after the completion of the course.

Online tools are helpful for grammar practice. Relevant homework is assigned and completing them guarantees a lot of confidence.

Elodie is available for communication through WhatsApp and email. So, you can freely clarify your doubts.

Reach out to Elodie with your questions!