Citizenship test preparation – France, Switzerland, Belgium

Prepare for your French citizenship test!

Citizenship test preparation are short term courses to improve your French skills and prepare you for the citizenship interview for French, Belgian or Swiss nationality. Elodie helps candidates achieve the required language level (usually DELF B1) and with information about culture and history that may be relevant.

Classes are held on ZOOM, they can be individual or in small groups. You can request your specific requirement on our contact page.

Here are some classes taught by Elodie in the past.

  • Citizenship interview according to the Swiss districts
  • Specific grammar for the interview
  • Cover letter for the citizenship application

French citizenship test – Course material

Classes will help you acquire the required level of French and you will learn to present yourself in the interview. Culture and history relevant to the test will be discussed. You will receive class notes (.doc or .pdf) at the end of each session to review later. This will help you revise at your own pace.

You can contact Elodie through email or whatsapp to clarify your doubts.

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