French teacher training to improve your classes !

Objectives of French teacher training

French teacher training courses are short term courses to upskill as a French teacher. You can join a French phonetics class, a French grammar class or a French as a Foreign language didactic course.

Classes are held on ZOOM and can be individual or in groups. In the case of individual sessions, they will be tailor-made to fit your needs. For the group sessions, Elodie will cater to a specific phonetic, grammar or didactic concepts.

Here are some examples of classes conducted by Your Online French Teacher

  • R pronunciation in French
  • Nasal vowels in French (ON – AN – IN)
  • How to correct the pronunciation of your students?
  • Contrastive grammar
  • Specific grammar concepts such as : Subjonctif, French tenses, pronouns.
  • Games for engaging and effective teaching sessions

You can request classes on topics of your interest. Contact Your Online French Teacher.

Material for the French teacher training course

To simulate the conditions of a classroom, Elodie will use differents books and methodologies. We will be referring to different materials during and after the classes. You will receive detailed class notes (.doc or .pdf) at the end of each session. This document contains all the topics covered in the class and will allow you to review at your own pace.

Relevant homework is assigned and completing them guarantees a lot of confidence. The goal is to be a more competent and confident French teacher.

Elodie is available for communication through WhatsApp and email. So, you can freely clarify your doubts!

You can buy the FLE planner authored by Elodie. Support for the book is available as online workshops. You can request these upon buying the book.