French teacher training to up grade your classes!

Objectives of the French teacher training

French teacher training courses are a short term courses in order to level up your skills as a French teacher. You can pick up a French phonetic class, a French grammar class or a French as a Foreign language didactic course.

Classes are held on ZOOM, they can be individual or in group. In the case of individual sessions, it will be tailor made to fit your needs. For the group sessions, Elodie will answer to a specific phonetic, grammar or didactic point.

Here are some examples of French teacher trainings by Elodie, Your online French teacher :

  • R pronunciation in French
  • Nasal vowels in French (ON – AN – IN)
  • Any corrective phonetic needed further to the language of your students
  • Contrastive grammar
  • Specific grammar such as : French subjunctive, French tenses, pronouns, and more.
  • Games to improve your classes further to the level of your students.
  • And a lot more !

Whatever your problem is, Elodie has the answer to help you to upgrade your skills and your classes.

Material for the French teacher training

In order to prepare you in the best conditions, Elodie will recommand you differents books and methodology. Those to be used during the classes and between sessions. Also, each class will be follow by a class report (.doc or .pdf). This document contain all the points see in class and will allow you to review at your own pace between the classes or after the full course.

To work on the grammar part or the speaking part, Elodie will give you some online tools to use. These app or web site will allow you to progress between classes. Also, after each class, you may received some homework in order to progress faster and reach your goals.

Finally, Elodie will be available to answer you by WhatsApp or email between the sessions in case you have any doubts or questions. So, you will be able to contact your teacher whenever you want !

As the class can be individual or in group, and the lenght of the training can vary, please contact Elodie explaining your goals