The French baguette on the UNESCO intangible heritage list

A symbol of French gastronomy, the baguette has been declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. This favourite bread of the French people is now recognized throughout the world, as is its know-how and culture. 

Let’s find out what a real French baguette is and why it has been listed as an intangible heritage by UNESCO. 

The most consumed bread in France!

Baguette is the first bread tasted by French children. It is composed of four ingredients: flour, salt, water, yeast and leaven. Despite fewer ingredients, the making of a baguette requires years of experience and knowledge. The recipe requires very specific methods that are learned by baking apprentices in school and at the boulangerie.  

A good French baguette is a long bread, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is the core ingredient in ham and butter sandwiches and accompanies all French meals, from breakfast to dinner. 

We toast the baguette with butter and jam, to have for breakfast. It can be used to mop up the sauce on one’s plate or to accompany soup or cheese for lunch and dinner. As a snack, the baguette goes perfectly with a few squares of chocolate. It is a symbol dear to us and represents French gastronomy.

To buy one, you have to go to the bakery every day. This way, the baguette is fresh and ready to make you happy!

A girl eating a baguette  outdoors. 

From the blog : The French baguette on the UNESCO intangible heritage list
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Baguette is dear to us French!

The French baguette on the intangible heritage list

On November 30, 2022, the “artisanal know-how and the culture of baguette” was inscribed into the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. A victory for the artisanal bakers and all the people who work in the bread industry. 

Going to a boulangerie to select your bread is a cultural act in France. The boulangerie is a place to meet people and share joyful moments. In some small villages, a van distributes bread and pastries. This service is especially intended for the elderly who have difficulty going to the bakery. 

When it’s time to eat, the baguette is on every French table. It is eaten with savoury products such as pâté, cheese, rillettes, etc., but also with sweet products such as honey, spreads, etc. 

It is for these reasons that the baguette has been included in the intangible cultural heritage list of UNESCO. 

Today, this bread is exported to many countries, making French gastronomy popular across the world. 

The baguette is part of French culture. Whether eaten plain or with a spread, this long, crusty bread is the pride of France. We eat it any time of the day. UNESCO recognizes the know-how and culture of this symbol of gastronomy, dear to us French. 

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