Here’s why the French are crazy about Picard frozen foods

Over the years, the brand Picard has revolutionised the consumption of frozen foods. Ready-made meals, raw fruits and vegetables, desserts & appetisers: the range is wide and tempting. 

But why do the French (myself included) love Picard so much? In this blog, I will explain what you can find here and why Picard frozen foods are so popular in France. 

Picard Surgelés: what is it?

Picard Surgelés is a French company that offers frozen food products. These products are distributed in Picard stores and on their website. Today,the company is the leader in France in the frozen food category. 

Their story began in 1906 when two brothers had the idea of creating a factory of ice packs to preserve food. In 1920, this company was bought by Mr. Picard and in 1962 his son decided to market frozen food products. In 1974, the first Picard shop was opened. Today, there are more than 1,000 Picard shops and the company has a global reach. 

What can you find at Picard?

The king of frozen food offers a wide range of products to satisfy customers of varied age groups and backgrounds.

Picard’s ready meals

From portions for individuals to meals for families, Picard’s range of ready meals is very wide! 

There is something to satisfy every desire: gratins, mixed salads, soups, pancakes, party dishes, children’s snacks & more.

The French are eager to try other cuisines. Picard offers products that will make your taste buds travel! Head to Korea, Japan, Cambodia, China, Latin America, Lebanon & India. The range is very wide, with individual or larger portions. 

Frozen products for the holidays

Picard has everything you need to celebrate Christmas, New Year, Easter and other important events in your life. The frozen food chain offers quality raw ingredients for cooking, such as vegetables, sauces, meat and fish. 

Picard also has a wide range of prepared holiday products such as toasts, foie gras starters, cooked meat and fish, desserts such as logs, ice cream and cakes. 

Picard organic products

The French frozen food specialist is renowned for its range of organic products. I am crazy about it! Picard offers both sweet and savory organic frozen products. The savory range includes vegetables, meat, fish, pizzas, ready meals and groceries. The sweet range includes organic fruit, pastries and ice cream. Do you imagine the time I save each evening for dinner?

Picard offers a range of products

Why do the French love Picard so much? 

Present throughout France, Picard has established itself as the leading frozen food company in France. Picard was voted France’s favourite retailer in 2014 and 2021. 

What is the reason? It is the quality of products, but also the variety on offer. There is something for everyone! 

Products designed to please everyone

Picard is aimed at both people who love to cook and those who despise spending time in the kitchen. The brand has developed a wide range of raw products such as vegetables, meat, coulis, creams & herbs enabling cooking and pastry enthusiasts to make good dishes and desserts. 

Picard also caters to those who do not like to spend time in front of the stove. A wide range of ready-made dishes in individual or family portions allow you to enjoy a good meal in just a few minutes. 

Picard frozen foods for all occasions

For many years, the French have acknowledged the importance of having a few frozen products in their freezer to tide them over. Mini puff pastries for an impromptu aperitif, a chocolate cake at tea time, a ready meal on a tired evening. 

Picard is the ideal way to stock up on ice cream in summer, vegetables, soups, sauces, herbs and other everyday products. Picard also has a special place in the hearts of the French during Christmas. Many families buy original aperitifs, foie gras, breads, chic starters, stuffed and prepared meats as well as logs and other Christmas cakes.  

Picard also accompanies the French to their workplace. The store is located in many cities and it is not uncommon for employees to go to Picard and choose a prepared meal to heat up at work between noon and two o’clock. 

Frozen products that are exclusive

Convenience and good taste appeal to the French! What we also like is the variety of products on offer. At Picard, the French often find products that they have difficulty obtaining elsewhere. Certain herbs, sauces, dishes from other countries concocted by Picard cannot be found in other stores. Prices may be higher than other brands, but Picard guarantees originality, variety and quality. These are features that appeal to the French! 

For several years now, Picard has been part of everyday French life. We welcome the original gourmet recipes that the brand offers. Whether it’s to treat yourself from time to time or for everyday meals, Picard is the favourite frozen food chain of the French people. A safe bet for meals! 

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