The culinary specialties of Limousin : between originality and tradition

The Limousin cooking is just like its region: generous, simple and gourmet. Many culinary specialties of the Limousin are the pride of its population. Often rich in flavors, it is composed of simple ingredients, but of high quality. 

Here are the culinary specialties of the Limousin that you absolutely must try if you are visiting the region. 

The culinary specialties of Limousin: the salted dishes

The culinary repertoire of the Limousin includes many salted recipes. Among them, three specialties that you must discover !

The amourettes

To be enjoyed with a good glass of white wine, amourettes are sheep testicles pan-fried in garlic butter. The texture is particular and does not please everyone, but in Limousin it is a traditional dish!

The black pudding with chestnuts

The black pudding with chestnuts

The Limousin is a land of chestnut trees. That’s why the region has many sweet and salty specialties made with chestnuts. The chestnut pudding can be found in all the good delicatessens of Limousin. It can be tasted on a plate, but also in a sandwich. 

The Limousin pie

It is one of the most emblematic salty culinary specialties of the Limousin ! The Limousin pie, also called Limousin potato pie, is made of potatoes, puff pastry and fresh cream. It is possible to add meat for an even more gourmet pie. Rustic and hearty, this pie can be eaten on a plate or as part of a picnic. 

The Limousin’s gourmet specialties: desserts

The sweet culinary specialties of Limousin are numerous. Among them, three delicacies to try for a snack or at the end of a meal. 

The Burgou

The chestnut is the emblematic fruit of Limousin. There are therefore many sweet and savory recipes prepared with chestnuts. Among these recipes, there is the Burgou. A gourmet and soft cake made of chestnut flour and almond. You can find it in all the good bakeries of the region. 

The almond marzipan

Originally from Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat in the Limousin region, these small almond cookies were once served to pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. They are very tasty and easy to preserve. 


The trepaïs

This is a culinary specialty of the Limousin region to be served at the end of a meal or at tea time. This Limousin pastry to be tasted with a spoon includes a dacquoise, a chocolate and chestnut mousse, a hazelnut crunch and a chocolate icing. 

Its name means “3 countries”, in reference to the three departments of Limousin: Haute-Vienne, Corrèze and Creuse. 

Limousin culinary traditions for Easter

As in every region, there are culinary traditions. If most of them have disappeared, there are still some Limousin gourmet traditions that have been preserved for Easter. 

The Easter pie

This Limousin pâté is composed of meat (pork and veal), shortcrust pastry, shallots, parsley and spices to which a hard-boiled egg is added in reference to Easter. The principle of this pâté is to see the hard-boiled egg when you cut a slice. 

It is a traditional family preparation that is still served today during the Easter celebration. 

The cornue

Among the culinary specialties of the Limousin, there is a pastry whose shape makes you smile ! The cornue is a brioche that reminds the shape of a phallus. It is traditionally eaten during Palm Sunday and Easter. Traditionally, the cornue is hung on boxwood branches and blessed during the mass that inaugurates the holy week.  

Even today, cornues can be found in bakeries. 

The meringue rosaries

On Palm Sunday, tradition requires that boxwood branches be blessed during the mass and then installed in the houses to be protected all year long. In the Limousin region, small meringues are hung on these boxwood branches and can be eaten as soon as they leave the church ! The meringue rosaries are an old tradition still in use today. 

Here are some culinary specialities of the Limousin which are really worth the discovery ! You can taste all these delicacies at the butcher’s, the confectioner’s or in the restaurants of Limousin.  

Each region has its own gourmet specialties. Discover the specialties of Picardy, your taste buds will be delighted !

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