The culinary specialties of Picardy

Picardy cuisine is rich in flavors. Often simple to prepare, it is a varied and tasty cuisine.

Picardy is a former administrative region of the Hauts de France, in the extreme north of the country.

Amiens, its capital, is known for the House of Jules Verne, the Hortillonnages (floating gardens to be discovered by boat), its old town, the highest Gothic cathedral in France, but also its gourmet products.

The culinary specialties of Picardy are rich and varied.

Picardy’s savory culinary specialties

Picardy cuisine is rich in flavors. Often simple to prepare, it is a varied and tasty cuisine.

The ficelle picarde, the flagship dish of Picardy

The ficelle picarde is certainly the most famous Picardy dish! Simple to make and economical, it delights young and old alike! It is a savory pancake filled with ham, shallots and mushrooms cooked in white wine. It is then gratinated in the oven with grated Emmental cheese and fresh cream.

Accompanied by a green salad, it is a delight!

Smoked eel

The eels are caught in the ponds of the Haute Somme. They are then smoked according to an ancestral know-how. Smoked eel is a dish that is often served in restaurants in Picardy. The flesh of the fish is fine and fragrant.


Made from cow’s milk, rollot is an ancient cheese from Picardy. It was much appreciated by King Louis XIV. Its taste is strong. It can be eaten as is with bread or incorporated into recipes.

Salt meadow lamb from the Bay of the Somme

The salt meadow lamb from the Bay of the Somme is an exceptional product. The lamb feasts for several months on the grasses of the coastal pastures. The meat is then tasty and fragrant.

You can find this lamb in the butchers of Picardy and in certain Picardy restaurants of traditional cuisine.

The Picardy Flamiche

This is another simple and inexpensive dish! Flamiche picarde is a leek fondue pie. Served with a green salad, this Picardy pie is tasty and filling. You can add a little rollot for an even more delicious version!

Le pavé de Corbie – Extrait de

The sweet culinary specialties of Picardy

The delicacies of Picardy are numerous! Here are a few sweet culinary specialities to enjoy at the end of a meal or for a snack.

The beaten cake

The gâteau battu is certainly one of the best known culinary specialties of Picardy! It is a large brioche shaped like a chef’s hat. Made of butter, flour, eggs, sugar and yeast, this specialty is eaten at any time of the day, but also on special occasions (weddings, christenings, engagements, Easter, etc.).

The macaroons of Amiens

Not to be confused with Parisian macaroons! Parisian macaroons are made of two meringue shells and filled with jam, ganache or cream.

Amiens macaroons are shaped like soft palets and made of powdered almonds, egg white, sugar and honey. They are a culinary specialty of Picardy, often given as a gift to friends and family and taken home as a souvenir in the suitcase.

Whipped cream

According to legend, whipped cream originated in the Oise region of Picardy. It is a sweet whipped cream. It is light and airy. It can be added to a bowl of ice cream, cakes or pancakes.

The Corbie cobblestone

Corbie is a small town located about 25 minutes from Amiens. It is in this Picardy town that the pavé de Corbie was born. Inspired by the Amiens macaroon, the recipe replaces the almond powder of the macaroon with hazelnut powder.

This little cube made of hazelnut, honey and apple sauce is a delight to serve with coffee or tea.

These are some of the culinary specialties of Picardy. This region has a simple and tasty cuisine.

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