Must-watch French Christmas movies from my list

In France, watching Christmas movies is one of the most popular activities during the holiday season. Perched comfortably under a soft blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in our hands, we are ready to watch French Christmas movies with our family! 

Here is a list of cult French movies to watch to soak up the magic of the holiday season. 

Le Père Noël est une ordure : a must-watch Christmas comedy

If I had to name only one French Christmas movie, it would be this one! Le Père Noël est une ordure is a must-watch French film. This 1982 cult comedy tells the story of several protagonists with strong personalities and their interaction during a Christmas party. The characters are all endearing and funny. We laugh throughout thanks to the comic situations and the dialogues that have obtained cult status today. 

However, this film requires a good understanding of French. The characters speak rather quickly and use a lot of French expressions.

La bûche : a family drama set around Christmas

The film La Bûche brings together well-known actors of French cinema, including Emmanuelle Béart and Charlotte Gainsbourg. This French comedy-drama narrates the story of three sisters and their parents who reunite for Christmas. They settle old scores during this festive time. 

The film has won numerous awards, including the César for Best Supporting Actress and the Lumières Award for Best Screenplay. 

Santa et Cie : a Christmas fantasy film

Released in 2017, Santa et Cie by Alain Chabat became a cult film of the French 7e art, in just a few weeks. And for good reason! : Alain Chabat is known for his humour, which he employs to perfection in this film which is both funny and magical. 

This French Christmas movie tells the story of Santa Claus. His elves have fallen ill. He must now go to Earth to find a solution. 

Wonderful sets and a funny story! All the ingredients of a Christmas movie are present to amuse your family. 

Joyeux Noël : a film based on history

Joyeux Noël is a memorable French Christmas movie. It is based on the true story of trench warfare in 1914. On Christmas Eve, the French and German troops made peace for a few hours to celebrate the holiday together. A poignant film, it is interpreted by very good actors including Guillaume Canet, Dany Boon and Diane Kruger. 

The film advocates values like living in harmony and love. It is a film that propagates hope.

If you are not fond of Christmas comedies, I recommend this beautiful, informative and inspiring film. 

Un conte de Noël : Family drama unfolds during the holidays

Director Desplechin presents a beautiful French Christmas film that features the stories of a family quarelling and yet caring for each other. Juno, played by Catherine Deneuve, announces her cancer diagnosis. The family, brothers and sisters continue to argue during the Christmas party, patch up, only to get angry again. 

A dramatic comedy that stages a family feud against the backdrop of a end-of-year party. The actors are a treat to watch. Mathieu Amalric, Jean-Paul Roussillon, Emmanuelle Devos and Chiara Mastroianni are among them. 

These were 5 French Christmas movies that you absolutely must watch to get into the magical atmosphere of this holiday season. Films that are funny, moving and educational and that you can watch from your couch, with a cup of hot chocolate. 

Which movie would you like to watch first? 

If you want to read this article in French, check it out here: Films français de Noël : les incontournables

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