Your Online French Teacher provides classes on ZOOM. It is an adequate video conferencing platform with great tools for interactive and effective sessions!

The Your Online French Teacher platform

To establish connection with students and to help develop daily learning, Elodie regularly shares content on various social networks. This supplements the French classes online and also builds a community of active learners. She shares language tips, cultural facts and resources to learn French in a fun way. Do visit her Instagram, Facebook & Tik-Tok to access free and useful content.

She is available to students on Whatsapp/ WeChat for more personal conversations.

Here are some photos of ZOOM classes and Elodie’s social media.

Who is Elodie?

Elodie is a pedagogical engineer specialized in language didactic and also a French as a foreign language (FLE) teacher. She has been teaching French since 2009 both online and in-situ. She works with companies, universities, private schools and as a private tutor to students worldwide.

Elodie has helped hundreds of students pass their exams and achieve fluency. From DELF A1 to C2, SAT, school / university tests, she works with her students to achieve their goals. Elodie is a highly involved trainer and finds the best methodology to motivate students to learn French.

She has authored several books for French teachers and learners. Here is a FLE planner for French teachers to organise their classes.

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