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Try a free French trial class to check your level, your objectives and the methodology to follow in class.

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Online free French trial class

Objectives of the “Online free French trial class

The 30-minute Online free French trial session is a one-to-one session that is valid only once per person.

The objectives are for you to :

  • to explain your learning objectives ;
  • to comment on your availability;
  • to suggest a frequency for the online French classes.

The objectives are for your teacher, Elodie – Your online French teacher :

  • to assess your current level of French ;
  • to present the learning programme (methodologies, tools, deadlines).

The material of the test class

After the session, Your online French teacher will send you a report with your needs, objectives and recommended programme/methodologies. Also, Elodie will recommend which books you should buy to follow the programme you wish to follow.

Afterwards, if you wish to take classes with Elodie, each session will be followed by a class report and an audio recording of the oral part of the class. Additionally, on the class report, you will find the different activities of the class and the assignments to be done. This way, you will be able to concentrate on listening and speaking as Elodie will take most of the notes for you.

Also, for homework, Your online French teacher can send you activities from the books used in class, your own exercises or even videos or audio recordings to listen to in order to review the session and prepare for the next one.

Elodie will be available to answer you by WhatsApp or email between the sessions of the classes scheduled after the free French trial class in case you have any doubts or questions.

Important information:

  • One time per student ONLY.
  • Cannot be combined with the French course entry pack.
  • Cannot be used to do homework, in which case the session will be cancelled.
  • To give priority to our paying customers, Your online French teacher reserves the right to cancel/delay this offer.


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