Christmas gifts for French language learners

What Christmas gifts should you get for French language learners i.e. FLE students?!

It’s almost Christmas time and the gift shopping has begun! What can you give to a French learner? Here is a non-exhaustive list of gifts for French as a foreign language students. The aim is to have a good time while learning or revising FLE topics.

Grammar books and activity workbook

A Free French grammar book

Still haven’t downloaded my free ebook? It’s time to get a practical, useful and free Christmas gift for French language learners. I offer you my grammar review book for beginners (i.e. DELF A1.1) which allows you to review the basics of French grammar.

How to turn this ebook into a gift? It’s quite simple: download it here, print it in colour and have it bound at the printer’s. That’s it! Your gift is ready!

The FLE teacher’s special tip: this Christmas gift is ideal for children, teenagers and even adults who are starting to learn French. The aim of this little workbook is to reinforce what has been learnt, to review the basics and also to provide an alternate explanation compared to what the FLE student has already received.

French grammar workbook – Beginner Level – DELF A1.2

If you liked my free ebook, you’ll love the sequel ! Ideal gift for French language learners of all ages! After two years of work, I have finally finished and self-published the French grammar workbook DELF A1.2. It is available on Amazon and comes with 100 exercises and their answers. It is a beginner level French grammar workbook that explains different concepts important for the DELF A1 exam. The concepts covered are: difficult verbs in the present tense, negation, the present imperative, the simple future tense, COD COI pronouns, the basics of the past tense and revision of basic concepts.

The FLE teacher’s special tip: in addition to grammar exercises, there is a relaxing break towards the end of the book to give readers “brain breaks” . In short, a book that takes care of its users!

French grammar workbook

100 French vocabulary games in context

One of the best gifts for French language learners who love games! With this book of 100 French vocabulary games in context, beginner level, DELF A1 written by me, FLE learners revise basic vocabulary while having fun. This book of FLE games is available on Amazon and helps review French vocabulary in preparation for the DELF A1 exam. This book covers 10 topics for the beginner level exam. A perfect Christmas gift for children, teenagers and adults.

The FLE teacher’s special tip: when writing this book, I took care not to overload the pages. This is to offer a clear, precise and non-anxiety-inducing vocabulary learning. In addition to this, after each theme, there is a list of vocabulary in French, English and Spanish to facilitate revision.

A beginner level gamebook for vocabulary review

My French notebooks

If you want to make sure your FLE learners do their homework, give them a nice notebook for Christmas! This is what I thought when I made the four versions of “Mon cahier de français”. 

This notebook can be used as a French journal, a travel diary in France or to write French homework and essays. 

They come in four different themes to meet the demands of my students. Something to suit all tastes! 

  • Mon cahier de français – Paris, with a cover featuring stereotypical images of the Parisian life. 
  • Mon cahier de français – Animaux, with a green cover showing kawaii style animals from European forests.
  • Mon cahier de français – Espace, inspired by my under-12 students who love space, space exploration and science fiction. 
  • My French notebook – Princess, especially made for fans of unicorns and pink.

The FLE teacher’s special tip: inside find you 96 pages with lines and French symbols to immerse FLE students in French imagery. And above all to motivate them!

My French notebook

My FLE class planner 

Don’t forget the to get a Christmas gift for the FLE teacher! In order to support the FLE teacher, I propose a FLE class planner for 10 themes that comes with : 

  • 10 theme charts for teachers
  • 10 sheets for setting objectives
  • 40 session goals charts
  • 40 session planning charts

This planner is very easy to understand and use, and is extremely practical for planning FLE classes! 

The FLE teacher’s special tip: a great way to save time for FLE teachers!

Now you now know what to give as Christmas gifts to your French language learners! So, which of these goodies from Your Online French Teacher do you like best? 

To read this article in French, click here: Les cadeaux de Noël pour les élèves FLE

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