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Do you want the totally FREE French grammar Ebook “Review of basic French grammar”? If you want to review the basics of French grammar at the BEGINNER level A1.1 click on the button above to download it!

Elodie is a pedagogical engineer specialized in language didactic and French as a foreign teacher professor. She teaches French since 2009 online (see packages here) and she also organises language stay in France.

She is happy to work in companies, in universities, private schools and in private tutoring classes all over the world. Also, Elodie already prepared hundreds of students to pass successfully their exams. From DELF A1 to C2, SAT or school / university tests, she works with her students to reach the best level. Elodie always get involve in the success of her alumni and find the best methodology to motivate them in learning French.

About the Free French grammar Ebook

This activity book with corrections written by Elodie helps you to review the following French grammar points:

  • articles définis, indéfinis et partitifs ;
  • verbes à l’infinitif, au présent de l’indicatif et les valeurs du présent ;
  • prépositions de pays et de lieu ;
  • adjectifs de nationalités, de couleurs, pour décrire, les possessifs, les démonstratifs ;
  • adverbes de quantité et de fréquence.

The chapters of the Ebook are all made up of a grammar point and exercises. Furthermore, activities are corrected at the end of the book except for free writing exercises. Here is the cover and the summary:

Free French grammar Ebook

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