10 French singers who will help improve your French

Listen to French songs to improve your French and discover new French singers ! This is a good way to improve your French while having fun!  

Of course, there are other methods: taking private lessons with a French teacher, going on a language trip to France or reading books in French. 

However, to perfect your French, listening to French songs is a plus. You can learn French with songs while doing your routine activities. This is what I often recommend to my students: learn French with songs while cooking, cleaning, playing sports, on the road and everywhere! It is effective passive learning!

Here is a list of 10 French singers that I recommend to improve your French. 

Female French singers to listen to, for improving your French

In their songs, which are as poetic as they are engaging, these French singers use voices to share their thoughts on love, society and the world around them. Often feminist, they send a strong message to their fans and to society.


Angèle is a Belgian singer who writes and performs her songs in French. Born in 1995, she does not hesitate to denounce the society in her lyrics, which have found a cult status. 

Among the songs to listen to, there is “Balance ton quoi” which denounces the misogyny and sexism suffered by women in our society. It is a reference to the “Balance ton porc” movement in France, which itself comes from the “Me too” movement. Angèle also has lighter French songs like “Oui ou non” which is about love. 
Easy to understand, these songs are ideal for improving your French through listening. 

Clara Luciani 

Clara Luciani is a contemporary French singer who writes and performs her own lyrics. Her French songs are an ode to love, but also to women, for whom she advocates intensely. Clara Luciani’s most popular song is ‘La Grenade’. My favourite song in French by this artist is “Le reste” where she talks about a break-up.

The lyrics are easy to understand and ideal for learning French.


A star of French music, especially pop rock, Zazie is a must if you want to listen to French songs. She is an author, composer and performer who uses her talent to write songs that are committed to her causes. Among the causes that are close to her heart: the environment and the status of women. 

Zazie’s most popular songs to listen to are: 

  • “Je suis un homme” 
  • “Rue de la Paix”
  • “Zen”
  • “À ma place”
  • “Larsen”

For me, my favourite French song by this artist is “Un point c’est toi”, where she talks about a man she is interested in.


Louane is a French singer, musician and an actress. She sings poetic lyrics about love, nostalgia and the passing of time. 

Her popular songs include:

  • “Donne-moi ton cœur”
  • “Aimer à mort” (my favourite work of this artist)
  • “No”

I also love her cover of “Je vole” which she performed in the film “La famille bélier”. It is a cover of a song by the French singer Michel Sardou. This song in French is about the emancipation of children, about becoming an adult and also independent. It is very moving.

Joyce Jonathan

Joyce Jonathan is a French pop and folk singer, but also a musician and composer. Her songs often deal with feelings within a family or a couple. 

The lyrics of her songs are easy to understand and are very suitable for learners of French. 

Among the French singer’s most popular songs are: 

  • “Ça ira”
  • “Les p’tites jolies choses”
  • “Je ne sais pas”
French singers that I recommend for improving your French. 

Here - A woman listening to music through her headphones while singing along in a microphone.
Listen to French songs to improve your pronunciation & vocabulary

Male French singers to listen to, in order to improve your French

After female French singers, let’s take a look at a few male French singers to improve your French ! From funny to poetic to having a strong message, there is something for everyone. 


One of my favourite French artists. He is absolutely AMAZING in concert or at festivals. If there is one French artist you must see on stage, it is him!

Matthieu Chedid is a French singer, songwriter and musician. Son of the famous singer Louis Chedid, he was immersed in music from an early age. 

His rock songs deal with love and society. 

Among -M-‘s best-known songs: 

  • “Qui de nous deux”
  • “Je dis aime”
  • “Mamma Sam”
  • “Machistador”
  • “Manitoumani”

-M- has been one of the most popular artists in France for more than 20 years. He is a star at the national level and yet remains humble! A great French singer!


Aldebert is a French singer-songwriter who uses humour and irony in his songs. He has written and performed many songs for children in cartoons such as Mortelle Adèle . Aldebert is an artist who knows how to write for all age groups. 

He is an ideal French singer to listen to with your children if you want to improve your French together. His lyrics are easy to understand and also enjoyable.  

Among Aldebert’s best-known songs for children, my favourites are: 

  • “Mortelle Adèle”
  • “Pour louper l’école”
  • “Les super-pouvoirs pourris”
  • “Super mamie”

I’m going to see him in concert with my daughters soon and I can’t wait! 


Who doesn’t already know Stromae? Stromae is Belgian and sings his songs in French. He is known for his catchy pop and house songs. He often denounces society and deals with human feelings and love through his poetic lyrics. 

Among the most popular songs of this French singer are: 

  • “Papaoutai”
  • “Formidable”
  • “L’Enfer”

For me, my favourite French song by this artist is “Tous les mêmes”, where he talks about male-female relations and machismo.

Julien Doré 

Our Juju! He is the darling of many French people. Funny and charismatic, Julien Doré is a French singer-songwriter with a unique voice. His pop-style songs often deal with love, but also with more serious subjects such as ecology. 

Among the French artist’s most popular songs are: 

  • “Coco Câline”
  • “Nous”
  • “La Fièvre’

My favourite French song by this artist is “Paris-Seychelles”, where he talks about a romantic relationship. 

Florent Pagny

Florent Pagny is one of the great French pop rock vocalists. He sings about society and love. His lyrics are easy to understand for French learners. 

He has sung, among others, these famous songs:

  • “Chanter”
  • “Savoir aimer”
  • “Ma liberté de penser”

He has had a long career and is very popular. One of the stars to know in the French music world !

These are the 10 French singers to listen to if you want to immerse yourself in French musical culture while improving your French. 

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