Terra Aventura: geocaching the French way

Would you like to discover the New Aquitaine region in an original way?  

Go on a treasure hunt in the largest region of France with Terra Aventura !

Terra Aventura is a mobile geocaching application that allows you to discover this great region of southwest France while having fun with your family!

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a kind of treasure hunt 2.0 that you can do with a GPS and a smartphone application. The goal of this outdoor activity is to find boxes hidden by other people and containing small valueless objects (treasures).

Most of the time, geocaching follows specific trails designed to discover the treasures of a particular region. 

This activity can be done alone, with a partner, with friends or with family. 

Geocaching with the family

Why discover the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region? 

The largest region in France, New Aquitaine attracts tourists every year for its incredible variety of landscapes: sea, countryside, city, forest, etc.

Its 12 departments make it a region with multiple cultural, historical and gastronomic facets. Tourists go there especially to taste wine in Bordeaux, visit porcelain factories in Limoges, surf in Biarritz, walk with their feet in the sand on the Dune du Pilat, etc.

Terra Aventura: the geocaching application to discover New Aquitaine

Terra Aventura is currently the largest connected treasure hunt in the world. The principle is simple: download the free Terra Aventura application on your smartphone, choose the route you want to take and let yourself be guided to find the cache where the treasure is !

The game was born in 2011 in Limousin. The goal is to offer a new experience to curious people wishing to discover the region in a different way. Terra Aventura has gradually grown to cover the entire region of New Aquitaine in 2017.

More than 500 routes are available on the geocaching application to survey the region differently. Throughout the course, the treasure seeker must answer riddles. If they get the right answers, the application reveals the GPS coordinates of the cache as they go along.

At the end of the course, a Poïz (the Terra Adventura game’s figurine-mascot) can be adopted. It is also possible to leave a note in the logbook located in the cache to share your adventure with other players. 


Terra Aventura is gathering more and more fans every year. Totally free, the application allows you to discover more than 500 routes in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region while having fun. Let yourself be seduced by this connected treasure hunt that has been exploring the region in a fun way since 2011!

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