To adapt to your schedule and needs, Your online French teacher bring to you short or long term French training. Here are the list of the pack Elodie offers.

  • French conversation training
  • French debat courses
  • DELF DALF preparation courses
  • Teacher training (grammar, phonetics, didactics, and more)
  • Professional French (Business, engineer, medical staff, TV and cinema and more)
  • Test de nationalisation (France, Suisse, Belgique)
  • Or any specific goals you need to reach your goals in French

Why should you hire Elodie?

Elodie is a pedagogical engineer specialized in language didactic and French as a foreign language professor. She teaches French since 2009 online or in-situ. She is happy to work in companies, in universities, private schools and in private “tutoring” classes all over the world.

Furthermore, Elodie already prepared hundreds of students to pass successfully their exams or reach French fluency. From total beginner to advanced learners, From DELF A1 to C2, SAT or school / university tests, she works with her students to reach the best level. Elodie always get involve in the success of her alumni and find the best methodology to motivate them in learning French.

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