Elodie is a pedagogical engineer specialized in language didactic, a highly qualified French teacher.

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Why should you hire Elodie? She is trained with the methodologies to be used to teach you according to your specific profile and can help you learn effectively. 

Elodie has been teaching French since 2009 both online and in-situ. She works with companies, universities, private schools and as a private tutor to students all over the world. Your Online French Teacher has a wide range of experience in the field of French education. She has  helped hundreds of students pass their exams and reach fluency in French.

From beginners to advanced learners, DELF A1 to DALF C2 , SAT or school / university tests, she trains her students to reach their personal goals in French learning. Elodie likes to make her classes engaging and continually evaluate the success of her methods and the effectiveness of her lessons. Students find her to be a highly involved FLE trainer.

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Elodie VINCENT – FLE Teacher and LMS Specialist – resume 2019
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