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The At your own pace is a long term training to allow you to learn French at your path in order to prepare an exam (DELF, DALF, TCF, TEF, essaies), improve your professional French and practice daily French conversation. Choose a pack of 10 / 15 / 20 hours that suits better your needs. It can be individual or up to a group of four learners.

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At your own pace – Online French classes packages

Objectives of the online French classes packages

At your own pace – Online French classes packages is a long term training/coaching course to learn French at your own pace, in order to prepare for an exam (DELF, DALF, TCF, TEF, essay), improve your professional French and practice conversational French. Classes are held on ZOOM, they can be individual or up to a group of four learners.

Online French classes packages includes :

  • 10/15/20 hours* of classes (depending on your choice);
  • Recommended syllabus/methodology and suggested study materials (textbook, workbook, audio,…);
  • the session report with the topics, content and notes of the class.

The material of “At your own pace”

After the session, Elodie – Your online French teacher, will send you the class material. Also, each session will be followed by a class report and an audio recording of the oral part of the class. On the class report, you will find the different activities of the class and the assignments to be done. Elodie will take most of the notes for you. This methodology is used to help you to concentrate on listening and speaking during the French class.

Furthermore, for homework, Your online French teacher will be able to send you activities from the books used in class, exercises specifically for you or even videos or audio recordings to listen to in order to review the session and prepare for the next one.

Finally, Elodie will be available to answer you by WhatsApp or email between the sessions of the classes scheduled after the free French trial class in case you have any doubts or questions. So, you will be able to contact your teacher whenever you want !

Important information:

  • *To be divided into 30, 45 min, 1h or 1h30 sessions.
  • Valid for 3 months from date of purchase.
  • Please check availability with us.
  • Before purchasing this Self-Paced Pack, you can talk to Elodie – Your online French teacher during a free trial session and then an Entry Pack.

8 reviews for Online French classes packages: 10h – 15h – 20h

  1. Mandy

    I started taking lessons with Élodie to prepare for the DALF exam. Her classes have been well-organised, fun and very helpful! I feel like I’ve learnt a wealth of new vocabulary, as well how to construct my sentences in a more native manner. Élodie has taught me both academic/professional French and everyday French – both being incredibly useful! She is an easy-going, likeable teacher and her classes have been enjoyable!

    • Elodie-YOFT2021

      Merci Mandy pour ton commentaire !

  2. Carlos Ocampos

    Conocí la existencia de Elodie por varios de mis amigos españoles residentes en Suiza.
    Su nivel de francés había mejorado y sentí curiosidad por conocer su forma de dar clases.
    Así que después de contactar con ella y hacer una prueba, decidí comenzar de nuevo la aventura del francés.
    He dado ya unas 13 clases con Elodie y os recomiendo al 100% que probéis la experiencia.
    Es muy dinámica, las clases se te pasan volando, utiliza la actualidad, la música, la historia, y además Elodie tiene una gran formación no solo académica sino cultural. Para mi no son solo clases de francés, son clases de historia, de arte, cultura, política y hasta de gastronomía. Además, Elodie ha vivido en España y nos conoce bien. Conoce perfectamente todas las debilidades de los españoles que nos enfrentamos al francés, y esto es toda una ventaja.
    Ella se adapta perfectamente a tu nivel, y te hace avanzar. Son clases estimulantes e intensas, y a la vez muy interesantes y hasta divertidas.
    Trabajadora incansable, se prepara las clases a conciencia y lo mejor de todo es que después de cada clase te manda un documento word con todos los puntos que has tratado, las tareas a realizar para la siguiente clase y hasta un audio. Tu no necesitas tomar apuntes y te focalizas solamente en hablar francés y en escuchar francés, además de asimilar gramática y vocabulario.

    Si os tuviera que recomendar una profesora de francés no se me ocurriría nadie mejor. Y esto lo digo con total honestidad.

    • Elodie-YOFT2021

      Merci Carlos pour ton commentaire !

  3. Deepti

    I had finished B2 with Indofrench hub and was looking to continue my french studies and feel more confident to take the B2 exam which i had been postponing.

    I enrolled in C1 with Élodie Vincent and Indofrench hub.
    The classes are highly structured and adapted to DALF related themes. We covered around twelve different topics. The feedback on homework is meticulous and we are trained to think in an organised way so as to feel comfortable about the exam pattern.

    Élodie is very organized and the document we get after each class outlines the content discussed and the work to be done.
    This leaves little room for doubt about what a student needs to do. We get ample time to do the work in a stress free environment.
    Élodie also guides the students to produce a better standard of writing.

    I just took the B2 exam and would like to write the DALF exam soon.

    • Elodie-YOFT2021

      Merci Deepti pour ton commentaire !

  4. Kranti Dani

    Je m’appelle Kranti Dani . je suis professeure de français en Inde depuis 14 ans. Je voulais améliorer mes compétences écrites et orales en français. J’ai décidé de prendre un cours de préparation au DALF C1 avec Elodie (cours organisé par Indo French Hub). J’ai été très satisfaite par la structure des cours, les contenus appropriés et la bonne humeur d’Elodie. C’est une professeure très Sympathique, et intelligente. Elle a une grande patience et elle est bien informée. elle est l’une des meilleures enseignantes. Grâce à elle, j’ai pu améliorer mes cours pour mes élèves de français et j’ai obtenu mon diplôme de DALF C1

    • Elodie-YOFT2021

      Merci Kranti pour ton commentaire.

  5. Simran katta

    Je m’appelle Simran Katta , Je voulais améliorer mes compétences écrites et orales en français. J’ai décidé de prendre un cours de préparation au DALF C1 avec Elodie (cours organisé par Indo French Hub). J’ai été très satisfaite par la structure des cours, les contenus appropriés et la bonne humeur d’Elodie. C’est une professeure vraiment magnifique. Grâce à elle, j’ai pu améliorer mes cours pour mes élèves de français et j’ai obtenu mon DALF B2.

    • Elodie-YOFT2021

      Félicitations Simran pour ta réussite et merci pour ton commentaire !

  6. Kamala Suri

    I’m Kamala Suri, Professeure, translator, interpreter of French. Phonetics has always been an integral part of the teaching methodology along with culture, society, and civilization. I have consistently focused on updating my teaching methodology and enlarged my sphere of knowledge. I have taught various Indian, east -Asian, European learners. Some of them required more attention than others in grasping certain sounds of the language and reproducing them, an important listening skill to attain fluency in speaking the language.
    My objective has always been to facilitate a better listening experience, expose them to several phonetics-based activities and improve their ability to pronounce the sounds of the language with the correct inflection. As part of my updating skills, I attended a phonetics workshop recently organized by the Indo French Hub with Mme. Elodie Vincent, my favorite professeure. Her sessions are well structured, all questions are addressed, and the topics are dealt with in a systematic manner. Moreover, she is an excellent animator and has an endearing personality.
    I have updated my skills not only in analyzing the degree of difficulty for a learner but also addressing it in a comprehensive manner through various activities with this workshop.

  7. Kainaz N. Turel

    My name is Kainaz N. Turel. I am a French teacher in Mumbai, India for over 10 years. During the pandemic in the lockdown, I decided to upgrade and improve my written and oral skills in French and hence decided to take a DELF B2 preparation course with Elodie (organized by Indo French Hub). I was very satisfied with the structure of the course, the appropriate content and Elodie’s good humour. Her structures are superbly defined and she is a very systematic teacher who takes the requirements of her students into keen consideration.

  8. Anna Gabriel

    I took part in a creative writing course organised by Indo French Hub, where Élodie was the resource person. Her classes were well structured, each one dealing with a key aspect of writing in French. I enjoyed the sessions and the opportunities I got to interact with her and to exercise my writing skills. She corrected my writing intensively and I liked her relaxed attitude and the encouraging attitude she employed in guiding our work.

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