10 resolutions to learn French

The new year is synonymous with resolutions. But what makes for a good resolution? They are goals that we set for ourselves and commitments that we make to improve our daily lives, habits and lifestyle. 

Today, I share 10 resolutions you could make to keep learning French. Make the most of this year by using these tips to improve your level of French.

1. Set realistic goals to see progress

It is important to set goals when you want to learn a language. They should be practically achievable and not overly ambitious. Decide your goals according to the time you have and also according to your budget or the means you have to achieve them. 

You may want to hold a conversation in French before the end of summer : take a language course in France to improve your French! If you wish to participate in language stays in France, I organise immersive language stays in Limousin. Tell me about your objectives so that we can discuss the most appropriate plan for you.

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2. Be organised to be more efficient

Being well organised requires good management of your schedule and a clean, functional and tidy environment. Depending on the amount of time you have, I advise you to set a goal of several minutes or hours of learning per week. A tidy study area will make you want to learn French.

3. Invest in good material

My top tip for learning French well? Invest in good material ! That’s why I developed notebooks and learning/activity books. My students often tell me that they have trouble finding a notebook that makes them want to learn. I worked to create different styles of notebooks to satisfy all tastes! I offer several notebooks with different themes: Paris, forest animals, space and princesses. 

A notebook is necessary to write down what you learn. You can always refer to your notes later. This is how new words or expressions are easy to remember. 

To complete this range, I have created a French grammar workbook. It allows you to review the basics of grammar at the beginner level – DELF A1.2. Grammar rules and exercises allow you to work on your French. This is the continuation of my free grammar book at the DELF A1.1 level.

I also advise you to invest in good pens, and a device to listen and watch series and movies in French, read blog articles in French etc.

French grammar workbook - Your online French teacher
Review the grammar A1 with my French workbook available on Amazon

4. Learn French passively

Want a trick to learn French without feeling like you are working very hard? Listen to French podcasts, YouTube videos, movies and series. 

Radio podcasts   

I recommend RFI, RTL, Europe 1 and Radio France as they offer many quality podcasts. You can listen to French wherever you are and whatever you are doing (during your sports session, your housework etc.). Some of these radio programs are used in the listening section of official exams. 


Depending on your interests, you can subscribe to channels and watch videos in French. There are many French channels on YouTube. You will surely find something you like!

Series and movies

In the age of Netflix and other VOD platforms, there are many options for movies and series! To begin with, watch with subtitles. With time, remove the subtitles to know your level of understanding. 


This social network is full of French accounts! You can watch videos and reels from French Instagram accounts or simply read the captions of posts. Subscribe to accounts related to your interests. 

On my account, Your Online French Teacher, I give you structured DELF/DALF related lessons to improve your French.


Identify and follow pages that you like. On my Your Online French Teacher Facebook page I give free lessons every sunday and information about my classes on how to learn French.

5. Establish a routine 

Establishing a routine and sticking to it is the key to success! Force yourself to do a little work every day even if it is for just a few minutes. For example, you can learn three words a day or read a blog post in French every day.

100 French vocabulary games book
Review A1 vocab with my French gamebook available on Amazon

6. Take on language challenges

Jumping into the deep end of French conversation is not easy. Force yourself to take on challenges to get out of your comfort zone and learn French more effectively. For example, you can call a tourist office in France and ask questions in order to have a conversation and judge your level of French. 

7. Learn French while having fun 

There is nothing better than learning French while having fun! This can be done through games, watching movies and series, cooking with instructions etc. The goal is to make your brain work without seeming like it! 

8. Find a conversation partner 

Speaking and listening to French is the best way to learn the language. I therefore advise you to find a French-speaking person to talk to. I offer group conversation classes where I help you work on your vocabulary and sentence structures. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

9. Be regular in your learning

Starting a language and giving up after 3 months is not good. To learn effectively, it is necessary to be regular. Set aside time during the week and stick to the schedule.

Regularity is the key to success. Without regularity, you will never progress. 

10. Don’t be hard on yourself 

Learning French should be a pleasure. In case of difficulty, be lenient with yourself. It is important to remain positive and not to get demoralised if you don’t manage to understand a concept or if you feel you are not making progress. 

These were 10 resolutions to learn French. The new year has begun and it’s time to reach your language learning goals.  

If you want to read this article in French: 10 bonnes résolutions pour apprendre le français

Would you like to study French, participate in grammar workshops, prepare for an exam or take conversation classes? Contact me for a quote or to find out about individual and group French classes. 

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