Alice, January 2019 : “I have been working with Elodie since May 2018. She proved with me about her high professionality and flexibility in an incredible way. Everything will be planned ahead and also give me a lot of flexibility to solve the urgent requests from parents.”

“I feel so lucky to find her as a best partner to execute our advantaged training ideas.”

“She is delivering her lessons in a very organized way and tracking students’ progress clearly. Her classes are always full of passion and content. The evaluation of her classes from students are quite high.”

“As a teacher, Elodie is willing to tailor-made courses for her students and always bring in some creative ideas to improve her training quality. I think she can be a benchmark for other teachers to learn.”

VIP language school
Online classes in China

Peter’s mother, February 2019 : “We were so lucky to meet Elodie four years ago when my son Peter decided to start learning French in Middle School. Kids in French class he wanted to join had been studying this foreign language since elementary school, so Peter had to catch up by taking intensive summer lessons. And he manage to make it thanks to Elodie!”

“Elodie is highly professional, she knows how to explain complicated grammar material in a structured and easy manner,  and more importantly, in a way that it sticks with you forever! It is so important that a teacher can find a connection and a right approach to the student. Elodie uses modern technologies and selects the topics that are important in present life. She gave our son some great life skills which he uses not only in French class, but also while traveling, booking online, or searching for the information.”

“Elodie is so enthusiastic that her energy and motivation automatically transfers to the students. She is always full of new ideas. It was a great fun when while traveling in Europe my son was exchanging his impressions about the places he visited with Elodie via WhatsApp, in French, and she seamlessly taught him not only grammar rules but common phrases in texting so he could sound like a French teen. More fun came when she included her teen student from China in this discussion. Truly, with Elodie you can never get bored as she alway in search for more projects and initiatives.”

“It is such a difference when you learn language with someone smart, young, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and open to a new world! I’m happy for Peter that he keeps discovering French language and culture with such a wonderful teacher, because the real interest in learning comes with empathy and positive attitude.”

From Middle school to High school
Online classes in Russia / Spain / USA

Luis – Professional training pack student : “Despite having a good level of French, I had to do an interview in French to access a job. Elodie helped me to gain confidence in myself and to prepare the job interview.”

“Although, I warned Elodie with almost no time. She offered me to do an intensive training during the weekend. The result was very good. I came out with the conviction that language would not be an obstacle to the interview.”

“It was a very good experience with a methodical, friendly and well-documented teacher. Thank you Elodie!”

Professional training Pack
Online classe in Spain

Dafne – High School student : “I am 16 years old and now I have finished ESO in a school in Barcelona. I have taken classes with Elodie to get prepared before school exams.”

“It is hard for me to concentrate after a school day but with Elodie I can learn and understand the things they ask me to know for classes, and it doesn’t get as heavy as with others. I had other private teachers and Elodie is the best teacher I ever had. She is very funny and friendly. And my level has improved a lot since thanks to her.”

Intensive Pack
Online classes in Spain

Jordi – Long term training in company: “I have always been a huge fan of grammar and, in the two languages ​​I had studied so far (English and German) I considered grammar as a basic aspect in the initiation and learning of a language.”

“However, Elodie simultaneously and dynamically enhances all facets of the language from the very beginning: grammar, reading comprehension, audio, conversation, vocabulary. Thanks to Elodie I have acquired the knowledge in a much more natural way, without the need to memorize rules. “

Long term training in company

Asha – I am so glad I found such an excellent professor for my C1 coaching. Her sessions are interactive and engaging. Her classes are very well structured and I strongly advise you to follow her instructions to the T. Thanks so much Élodie. I was able to pass my C1, because of your classes.

DALF C1 preparation