French class entry pack




French class entry pack – 20€/Learner

The 3×30 minutes Entry pack is a one-to-one session (individual class) and up to 4 learners. It includes:

  • 1st session class test (1×30 minutes) ;
  • Assessment of your current French level ;
  • Introduction to the learning program (methodologies, tools, deadlines).
  • 2 x 30 minutes teaching sessions.

After the first session, Elodie from Your online French teacher will send you a report of your needs, your goals and the program / methodologies recommended. Then after the two teaching sessions we will send you the class reports and audio.

*One time per student ONLY. 
Cannot be combined with “1 class test” pack. 

Cannot be used to do your homeworks, in this case the session will be canceled WITH OUT REFUND.
2-weeks validity after the date of purchase.
Please check availability with us.



Please check Your online French teacher availability before purchasing.

Any pack purchase and started won’t be refund. 


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