Your online French teacher classes are held on ZOOM. It is a free videoconferencing platform with lots of great tools. Screen sharing, audio sharing, white board, drawing, notes, chat box and much more features enabling interactive and dynamic sessions!

Connect with a worldwide French teacher

To enable connection despite distance and develop daily learning, Elodie regularly shares content on social networks. She shares on Instagram , Facebook and Youtube language tips, cultural facts and many other resources to learn French in a funny and attractive way.

She is as well interacting with her students on Whatsapp / WeChat to share more personal conversations or talks about the daily life.

You can see below some photos of ZOOM free software and Elodie’s social media.

Who is Elodie ?

Elodie is a pedagogical engineer specialized in language didactic and French as a foreign language teacher. She teaches French since 2009 online or in-situ. She is happy to work in companies, in universities, private schools and in private “tutoring” classes all over the world.

Also, Elodie already prepared hundreds of students to pass successfully their exams or reach French fluency. From DELF A1 to C2, SAT or school / university tests, she works with her students to reach the best level. Elodie always get involve in the success of her alumni and find the best methodology to motivate them in learning French.

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