Your online French teacher© delivers tailor made content for you. With your answers to the following questions, Elodie elaborates a study plan with clear learning goals and progression:

  • What are your goals? Official exams DELF/SAT2? Articulate a business conversation in French, tourism/host, etc.? Holidays in France? Going to study or work in France?
  • How many hours a week can you dedicate to French study?
  • What make you feel more confident and comfortable when learning?

To help you to learn easily and with fun, Your online French teacher©  select from a palette of methodologies (books, content, audio, video…see some examples below) the one that fits best your needs, and adapt the content to your goals and tastes.

Méthodes for kids and teenagers

Méthodes for students and adults

Méthodes for professional French courses

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