Looking for personal teacher? Need to train your teams fast?

Your online French teacher© answer to your diverse demand: Elodie offers individual classes and group sessions (up to four students) as well. Just contact us to prepare your French Learning plan with Your online French teacher©

Here are the details of the individual or in group classes. It is up to the learner to create a learning group. The group for the Masterclasses are managed and structured by Elodie.

  • Free test class – 1×30 minutes – Individual
  • 3 test classes – 3×30 minutes – 1 to 4 learners
  • “OMG! I have an exam tomorrow, help me to review” – Individual
  • Intensive Pack – 1 to 4 learners
  • 15 Hours Pack – 1 to 4 learners
  • Professional Training Pack – Individual
  • Monthly conversation – Individual
  • Masterclass – Group

You want to know more about Your online French teacher© classes? Please check our courses description page.